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About Us

Smile Nepal is an NGO that works for the welfare of street children in Kathmandu. We have been working in this field for over two years now and it has been an incredible journey. It all started with a feeding program in Thamel with help of Hotel de’ Annapurna for 30-40 children everyday. The feeding program became a platform for us to know these kids, understand their underlying problems, and why these kids landed up on the streets in the first place. Almost all of these kids have broken families, abusive alcoholic parents, and are highly neglected by the society.

In addition to being deprived of basic rights like food, shelter, and clothing, these street children are also emotionally devastated. We identified such a huge gap in their lives as an opportunity to offer help. We moved forward with a mission of providing these kids the opportunities and respect they deserve. So far, we have raised 7 kids through various fundraising initiatives. All these kids are placed in a house – Smile Home – a home for them to study, get engaged in vocational training, and learn socialization.

Among them 3 kids are 18 year-olds who have been rehabilitated in the Richmond Rehabilitation Center and are now very responsible and disciplined. These 3 boys are engaged in ginger farming in the village, following the completion of hospitality and culinary training at Cocina Mitho Cha. The remaining 4 kids attend a school and are doing exceptionally well in their studies. The older boys have received their citizenship with our help and are soon going to be working independently. Our aim is to shape all these street children into responsible citizens and provide them a home where they feel safe and nurtured. We are gearing towards a larger social mission of eradicating child poverty by providing a helping hand to few street kids at a time.

Partners of Smile Nepal:

– Qfx Cinemas has given us 8 tickets every 2 months for the children at Smile Home
– Hotel De’ Annapurna has been providing one free meal per day for the street children feeding program for the past three years
– Healthy Smiles has provided free dental care for the children at Smile Home
– We are very thankful to Mr. Sonam D. Lama who provides us with monthly food ration for the 7 children at Smile Home.


– Help provide Food and Basic necessities to the children who are in need.
– Help provide education and healthcare for the children in need.
– Help children in Danger of Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment and Trafficking and provide a safe environment for them.
– Advocacy for children’s Right and need.
– Help channelize  safe and speedy adoption for a child.


– To bring Immediate change in the  life of a child in need
– Make better people of these street children
– Work for the Betterment of these children and educating them and making them a better person

Our Values:

– Integrity
– Diversity
– Respect
– Transparency &
– Responsibility