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Lockdown means an abrupt pause in livelihood

For daily wage earners, a 70-day lockdown means an abrupt pause in livelihood. Many of us, while checking our bank accounts and our stocked fridges this week, have felt a moment of gratitude for the economic security nets that we have, that will help us tide over the next 15 days. But many don’t have

COVID-19 Good Samaritans

Starving Monkeys and Stray Dogs Get A Meal A Day Saurav Rimal is finding joy in feeding monkeys and dogs that had descended in search of food and water at this time. In this hour of universal need, our primate cousins ape us faithfully as ever. When Saurav Rimal saw monkeys lined up with the

Earthquake stress relief programme with accupuncture

Distribution of tents in the village

Smile Nepal team and a Team of china providing tent and medical supplies to the villagers after there houses had been destroyed by the earthquake. Adopt a Village Arkhauli

Medical Supplies

Of the 75 districts in Nepal, 12 were severely affected by the major earthquake that occurred on Saturday April 25 and the 100+ aftershocks that continued for the next week. Most of the damage happened in the Kathmandu Valley and adjoining districts.  The total affected households and population in all affected districts combined is on

Adopt a village

Much of Nepal has been devastated by the 7.8 rector earthquake. As the death toll continues to climb, and relief continues to pour in from around the world for the most affected villages and districts, friends of Smile Nepal have identified two villages in Nuwakot District, east of Kathmandu, that have not yet received any

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