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Much of Nepal has been devastated by the 7.8 rector earthquake. As the death toll continues to climb, and relief continues to pour in from around the world for the most affected villages and districts, friends of Smile Nepal have identified two villages in Nuwakot District, east of Kathmandu, that have not yet received any support from the bigger agencies or the Government. We are friends of Smile Nepal who are young Nepali professionals working in the development sector.

Villagers waiting for the relief

Villagers waiting for the relief

When we visited the village on Sunday, a day after the great quake, over 70% of the houses had been reduced to rubble and almost all houses are affected and need help. These houses are basically clay and stone houses with metal sheets on wood as roofs. We were the first team of help that they had seen since the quake and villagers approached us for help. Their immediate requirements were food and shelter.

Relief for the villagers

Relief for the villagers

For the past week, we delivered food supplies, tents and blankets to these villages from our own donations. See link for items supplied per household and associated cost.

But these villagers despite their resilience need continued support to build homes and structures that will protect them from the monsoon rains, which are fast approaching in a month or two. Tents will not hold in the torrential rains and our own donations will not be enough to construct a few semi-permanent structures that will shelter the families before the Government gets its act together and eventually reaches the villages to help reconstruct and rebuild homes.

Our next steps are to mobilize engineers, builders who study the state of these houses and the rubbles and plan how to help rebuild. The villagers really need guidance and support at this time as they stand confused and disoriented having lost their familial homes in the wake of this devastation.

We will update you with our weekly reports on this website so that you can keep track of our work.

We desperately need your help! Be a friend of Smile Nepal.

Some Snaps from the relief materials distribution in Arkhauli:

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Ongoing Feeding Program of SMILE NEPAL

I can make a change! You can make a change!! Together we will make a difference for the children!!! Ongoing feeding program in Hotel De Annapurna. We have been doing feeding program for past 3 years with help of Hotel Annapurna. They have been providing us food for past 3 years so that no child will be left hungry and they will at least have one decent meal per day.

A Treat for Street Children

Hotel Annapurna together with Smile Nepal organized a special treat for the children living on the streets of Kathmandu on Friday. The lunch program for 40 street children that was held in Hotel Annapurna, took forward the collaborative efforts of the two organizations. It has been eight months since the hotel has been providing daily wholesome meals to about 40 children at Smile Nepal Center, Basantapur. Smile Nepal is an NGO founded by Anu Pant, which focuses in providing services, such as healthcare, education and rehabilitation for less privileged children. Shreejana Rana, the CSR Director of Hotel Annapurna, and Pant, share a similar compassion for children, and hence the two organizations have combined their efforts for a social cause. The hotel has been involved in various social initiatives through the years, including scholarship programs for higher studies, and recently the hotel has also partnered with Maiti Nepal to train and employ women.

It has been eight months since the hotel has been providing daily wholesome meals to about 40 children at Smile Nepal Center, Basantapur.


Boys from Smile Nepal getting new life

The boys from Smile Nepal getting new life by learning cooking and food and beverage services in our cooking school , Cocina Mitho Chha. Hope they are getting job soon in the near future some where in the hotels or in restaurants. Wishing them a lot!!!!!